What We Believe

What's so Great about Being a United Methodist?

When we Methodists are are at our best...

We embrace God's grace

God loves us completely before we know it. That love, that grace, is a free gift, offered to all people. We accept God's free gift of love through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ and open ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit, who accompanies us and empowers us to become like Christ for the world. One Go creates in love, saves us for the sake of love, and renews us through love.

We follow three simple rules

 These General Rules have governed Methodists from the beginning of the movement:

  • First - do no harm by thought, word or action;
  • Second - do all the good you can in building up the body of Christ and in loving and serving others and all of creation;
  • Third - follow the ordinances (spiritual practices) of God including the Lord's Supper, study of the Scriptures, prayer and good works. Though these rules may be simple to say, they are not easy to follow. We need one another and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit to guide, motivate, and help use remember to keep it simple and keep our focus on God.

We are a connected community devoted to social holiness

 We are a people connected through Christ. Clergy and laity are equal partners in leadership, but Christ is the head of the church. We are connected through tour structure, our will, and the power of the Holy Spirit of how to be Christ in the world. Our tradition of social justice began with John Wesley, our founder; it continues with us; and it is our hope for future generations. We take the gospel to the world! You can find a United Methodist church, mission, school, hospital, or clinic in villages, hamlets, towns and cities around the world. More important, you can find United Methodist around the globe (more than 11 million of us) working, serving, and loving in the name of the risen Christ.

We are compassionate and generous, open and diverse

Jesus sought out and welcomed all who wished to know and love God - the poor and marginalized as well as the powerful. The Methodist movement brought new life to this focus on openness and diversity, taking the good news beyond the church walls to meet people where they were, to nurture and strengthen them as human beings and beloved children of God, and to send them out to continue sharing the joyful message of God's love.

As United Methodists, we are called to open our hearts and care for all people; open our minds to learn all we can about God's love and explore new ideas, fresh perspectives and thoughtful dialogue; and open our doors so that we may both welcome the stranger and go out to love and serve the world.