Preschool Ministry - Noah's Ark

Preschool - Noah's ArkNoah's Ark Child Enrichment Center

What is Noah's Ark you ask?  Noah's Ark is much more than a mother's morning out program, but it is not quite a full school either.  Noah's Ark is a two to three day a week school for children ages one to four.  Children are able to develop social, emotional and physical skills in the program, but will not feel the pressure to excel at such an early age.  The curriculum is a play based curriculum that allows your child to be introduced to a school like environment without the stresses of a large school.   Not only will your child make new friends your child will also be cared for in a loving and Christian environment.  Classes are small and the teachers are able to learn a great deal about your children during class time.  Monthly chapel services are conducted by the Senior Pastor and the Minister of Children and Youth.   Please note, you do not have to attend First Methodist for your child to attend this program, but space is limited.  Please read below to learn more.     

Our Mission Statement: "To provide a child centered learning environment for children to experience Christ's love."

Philosophy: The focus of our program is on the children and their needs.  This is often called "emergent curriculum."

Goals: Our overall goal is to help children grow in their wonder of the world.   A child who can wonder and marvel has a strong foundation both for learning later in school and for recognizing the awesome and loving mystery of God.  

Class Details: Currently we offer five different classes for children.  Classes include: Theme Based lessons, Crafts, Activities, Snacks, Outside Play, Music, Dance, Imaginative Play, Story Time, Socialization, Field Trips and much much more!



To Learn More: Contact Mrs. Mary King Kurrass at 706-594-5476