Worship@FUMC Pine Mountain

    Worship is one of the core foundations of God's Church. Our desire is to use our songs and music to help people connect with God in a greater way.

We believe that God inhabits the praises of His people. We desire to clearly sense and experience God's presence every time the church gathers. We want to connect intimately with Him and hear His voice so that more of His character and nature can be found in us!

Worship @ FUMC Pine Mountain, as a whole, is made up of an amazing team of worshippers who give of their time and lives to seeing God be magnified!

Worship Leaders

Sr. Pastor = Rev. Liza Marler

Director of Music = James Camp

Featured Musicians = FUMC Adult Choir, including organist, soloists & guest musicians

And most importantly, YOU. Worship of God is a participative activity. You are a integral part of our worship to God. Join in and you will receive more than you ever thought possible. Be sure to listen the the "still small voice" of Jesus in your spirit when you pray. And then sing His praise openly with others. When it comes time for the message, review your life in light of God's Word.